Its so much easier to hate

Being kind takes effort.


You have to crush

the vicious thoughts,

And tell yourself

that you could be better.




Thank you WordPress!This is by far maybe the only task i haven’t procrastinated.And i am kinda proud. 😀


I know you work really hard

Managing both the worlds

But can’t you spare for me

Just two soothing words?

I am desperate here

for your love and approval.

My heart is weak

Please don’t be this brutal.


I’ve chosen the perfect location.

The white houses

and their blue tops.

We’ll walk those streets

till the sun drops.

Then we’ll sit down there

and soak in the sunset.

And create memories

of the moments so perfect.






Daily Prompt-Better

I try everyday

to become better.


I don’t try.

I wish to try.

Trying to act mature

All sorted out.

Then i realize

Its not me.

What do i want then?

What do i wanna achieve?

Why am i not getting there?

Why am i not trying?

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