The novels in the park
The nutella jar as an apology for being a jerk

The soups for when i was sick

And the scoldings that didn’t stick

The bus rides after movie that you hated

The fuss about my music choice you created

The red hoodie u lent me when i was cold

I felt so loved,you were never told

Those pre dinner meals and post dinner walks

You then called me again becaise you had so much to talk

That coffee in the rain after which i wanted to kiss you

That text after our fight where you told me ‘my autocorrect misses you’

That coke on my desk in library when you saw me sleeping

That first book of your series which i am still keeping

That moment in the class when i saw you look at me

That fruit loops carton and your face lit up with glee

Your stupid sexy voice when you woke up from sleep

The way you said sorry by kneeling down in middle of the street

Your rants about everything that bothers you

You sharing everything with me

And always having the same issue

Why can’t i open up and be free?

It kills me that we ended it so bad

But i still hold it so close,whatever we had.

I don’t know why can’t i still let you go

I want a closure,i want an end to my woes.


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