I muse today

We all have moments in life when we stand at crossroads and have to make decisions which seem difficult.No,i am not talking about metamorphic,life-altering decisions.Because to be honest,i haven’t made any.Not my fault though.I wish i could give you some story about a harsh childhood,unloving parents or an alien encounter in my backyard.But no,i had a pretty normal childhood,an average teenage and now a below average adulthood.

Don’t get me wrong,i am really happy with my life.I can handle normal.Changes are a whole new level and i have a zero experience.I don’t know how people are dealing with their lives.I am someone who has what you can say the first world problems in a third world nation(this idea of ‘first’ and ‘third’ world is outdated though).You know,the basics like no wifi at relative’s house,waiting a week for new episode of your favorite show,phone running low on battery but the socket too far from my bed,my Uber 5 minutes away from location,choosing between an iced latte and green apple mojito,not able to get a spray tan because you are already brown.So yeah,these are the kind of troubles i face currently.

Anyhoo,i still like to analyze the way i am dealing with my life and the person i am becoming.I try not to hurt people around me.I try not to get hurt myself due to wrong people.So whenever i am in a pickle,where i am kinda hurt and the other person is not a terrible one,i try to put myself in their shoes.This not only calms down the situation but also help you get another point of view.This gradually inculcates as a habit and you atleast have one trait-Empathy.Its an important one too.

Sympathy is easy,you look down on the person concerned and feel bad for them.Empathy is hard,because you have to come down to their level and try to feel how the other person is feeling.

So next time,try not to be selfish.Respect how they feel.And react after analyzing the whole situation.If it still doesn’t feel right,confront and tell them how they made you feel.Its important for them to know.

To being a better person,



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