Moving on

Daily Prompt-Bitter

You know why we are bitter?Because our mind knows that it is easier than being heartbroken.Too bad it isn’t healthier.

Everybody at some point of life has been in a situation where we felt betrayed by a close one.We realize they didn’t turn out to be the person we thought they were.The thing is that we have have invested so much time and love in these people that we can’t bear that all this was for nothing.

First the grievance phase arrives.We cry.A lot.We cry over what has ended.Mind keeps playing all the good times like a movie.These days are really hard.Some of us tend to fall back while some realize their self worth and keep up a strong face.

But then we are done.We are done sulking over them.We become headstrong.We tell ourselves we deserve better and gradually we start noticing that the person was not perfect as we had portrayed them in our mind.That we were blindsided by our obsession with them.

Then comes the bitter part.We start hating that person.Mere sight of them boils your blood.You don’t want them anymore.You start talking shit about them with your friends,who are really happy btw that you are finally over that person.

The thing is that this bitterness actually originates from the hurt.You want that time back.You want that person to be perfect again.But you know its late.You also realize you can’t waste more time on them.So you cover up this hurt with anger.Because its easier.

But you need to know that its not healthy.You have to move past this phase and reach a place where you have forgiven them.You need to do this for yourself.You need to know that the person is gone and its okay.Just be grateful for what you had for that time.Wish that they are happy in their lives.And that you are happy too.




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