April 5,2017

It was a beautiful day.

Chandigarh kind of weather.A little bit of rain beautifying everything even more.I was tired and a bit on the edge.I knew i needed some nature time.So instead of going back to hostel,i decided on a detour to the lake.

Nature has an instant effect on you.The lake,the greenery,the outlines of the mountains cleared due to the rain.The mere sight soothes me.I have hundreds of people around and still i feel like myself.At a place like this,i don’t feel the need to talk.

Moreover,when you have a delicious burger wrapped in your hand,waiting to be savored,everything in life feels alright.

I was with my friend,who claims to be more of a city lover than nature.Funny thing is,i have been here with her most of the times.I can always tell from her face that she too appreciates the peace there.

We sat there till after 8.I lay down there on the pavement.The stars above me,the lake by my side and the lights from the hills.I keep sighing happily,trying to take in as much i can.


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