Photo challenge-SPRING

Photo challenge-SPRING

The winter was short this year.And i am already dreading the harsh sun of the summers.

But first we have the spring.The loveliest of sights.The brightest of flowers.

Here i have a picture from my college campus of pink,blooming bougainvilleas with their full spring splendor and an old tree still stuck in winter,waiting for the magic.

i call this picture-OLD SOUL WAITING ON NEW LOVE.



6 thoughts on “Photo challenge-SPRING

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  1. I love when the purple and white bougainvilleas grow together, almost entwining themseslvs into one plant. In my youth, we lived in the West Indies), and we had several bougainvillea vines in the garden. Thansk for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much!It means a lot. 🙂
      We have pink and white ones in our college campus which are so beautiful to look at.
      And i just checked out your account.Its amazing!Keep up the great work,Khurt! 🙂


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