My kind of Purple-PLUM

via Daily Prompt: Purple

I have started blogging just today.When i got this daily prompt about purple,I wrote a shitty poem sort of thing(yeah,wasn’t even a poem).It was pretentious and not me.I haven’t experienced the things i was writing about.I realized this after reading an honest post by fellow blogger.Then i realized i am doing this for myself.I want to be honest.At least with myself.So i am writing the actual things now.Here it is.

Purple reminds me of the lip shade i borrowed yesterday from my friend.Oh it felt so sexy.The rich plum.

It reminds me of my teen times when it was my favorite color.Every top i wanted to buy was purple.

It reminds me of the precious lavender flowers i saw in the botanical gardens of Kashmir.And the Kashmiri guy telling us how expensive the perfume from these flowers were.I have also read that this is one of the most sexiest scent used by women.

Purple reminds of my favorite flavor of ice-cream-blackcurrant.I remember the times i had it with my friends after dinner from the shop in the campus,strolling around and laughing.It also reminds me of my mom and her love for ice creams.And of my dad who always pretends that he doesn’t want dessert because of his diabetes and then ended up eating my whole bowl.

Weird how a color can induce nostalgia.


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