I just wanna see the stars with you.



Maybe we are all good after all

Maybe we just need to be loved.

Lump in my throat

I don’t wanna cry anymore

Actually no,

I wanna bawl my eyes out

lying on the floor.

I hate it when i’m this weak

Just once

just once I would like someone

to ask me

how I actually feel.

I just want to be loved

Or is it too much to ask for?

Actually you know what?

Just ignore.


Sometimes i feel like music is what will keep me young at heart,though i’m an old soul at this stage when I’m supposed to be young.I always keep imagining that I’m in my 40s, doing regular chores and listening to music on speakers, and suddenly songs from my 20s will play and it’ll take me back.Back to these good days.Evoking emotions,bringing nostalgia.Most of the songs are associated to someone or some days in one way or another.And you know the good thing is when you remember someone through a song,you mostly remember good memories about them.Thats how sacred music is.It makes you forget the bad in people.And reminds you of all the good times you had with them.It takes a while though.But it happens.

Thats the kind of house i wanna raise my kids in.A house with a good music.It’ll be a part of them.A connection between us.And when songs from my generation will become classics,they’ll remember that i used to listen to them while working.And that their mom is cool.

Miss Misery

You are fleeting away from me

in tiny bits

This distance between us

oh, when it hits.

It all seems dull

with you out of sight.

I sleep imagining you

laying here by my side.


Come relive all of this with me

i wanna make you a part of it.

Pick whatever suits you

lets see where you fit.


Duvet days and coffee in bed,

I sit alone here

and clear my head.

I am cured alright.


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