via Daily Prompt: Roots

I won’t call my dad a brute

for reminding me of

my family roots.

I keep wondering though,

what exactly are they.

my strength to stay upright

or the chains

that are holding me tight.



Early mornings surely give you a lot to behold.

This is a picture from one of my rare morning walks.The sun was about to rise and the colours across the sky were so dramatic.Almost thought they were flames.

So here you go Frank,the fiery red sun,the clear blue sky and the green grass beneath me. 


via Daily Prompt: Gray

These monstrous buildings

don’t scare me

As long as i know

that when i look up

from my balcony

I’ll see the clear night sky,

adorned with the stars

Or the gray sky with raging clouds,

antsy for the rain to pour.

This wide blue yonder

with whatever it brings

makes you feel like

life is worth living.


Daily post-Harmony

I have noticed my moods 

are in weird harmony

with the weather.

Was drowning with 

misery yesterday,

now light as a feather.

Its beautiful how

these evenings affect you.

You realise you have been

smiling to yourself.

13 Reasons Why

via Daily Prompt: Jolt

She dreamt that she had killed herself

She realized it was a cry for help.

Her fate wasn’t yet engraved.

If she had just one person who cared

She could still be saved.

She tried to come up with a name

A list came up

But of the ones who were to be blamed.





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