via Daily Prompt: Wonder

I wonder what its like

to be in love

and not be scared.

i wonder if i’ll ever know.

Don’t we all deserve to be in the kind of love

that won’t make us doubt everything?

Just once would be enough.





Take me back

Take me back

to the night we met.

When none of this

was tainted yet.




via Daily Prompt: Static

There’s this silence around me,

its making me sad.

I’ve always hated being alone.

Maybe thats the reason i’m holding on

to wrong people in my life.

Atleast that way i have something to hold on.

It ends up getting worse.

Its like i’m desperate

for some kind of human connection.

When did i become like this?

When will this end?



Handmaid’s Tale

via Daily Prompt: Carve

the carved letters

on the door

she traces them with her finger.

its Latin,she doesn’t know the meaning.

It still reassures her

that someone was here.

Someone like her.

She carves something too

she wants the next one to know,

that she isn’t alone.



Soul Twin

via Daily Prompt: Treat

Talking to you is like

a treat to my soul.

I feel like myself again.

It feels like you are here

sitting next to me on this train.

We talk about everything

we somehow are just the same.

I keep telling you

(but you don’t believe)

how you take away the pain.

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